John Duarte

John Duarte

John Duarte


Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Santa Clarita, CA, north of Los Angeles.

What's your family like?
My wife, Bethany, and I have been married since 2006. She compliments me well, by virtue of her astounding attention to detail, thorough preparation for any activity, and the degree to which she ensures that our family has everything that we need. She and I have been blessed with three amazing children. Faith is 11 years old, is extremely inquisitive and loves to read. JJ is 8 years old, loves trains... and loves trains. Did I mention that he loves trains? Reagan is 5 years old, and she is definitely our spirited child. While the other two would generally be compliant over the years, she is the one that is always looking for her own way. She keeps us on our toes with high highs, and low lows. All of these kids are full of joy, and we have so much fun with them.

What are your hobbies?
I actually enjoy running… usually. Over the past few years, I also took up golf, which I have enjoyed learning with my two oldest kids (hit me up if you want to play). Also, the kids and I have recently taken up model rocketry.

What is your favorite bible verse or quote?
Romans 8:18-25

Who is the most influential person related to your ministry?
David Fandey has been extremely influential, simply through the manner in which he has modeled the gospel to me personally in the last 9 years of partnering in ministry.

What was the last book you read?
The Surprising Grace of Disappointment by John Koessler

Who is your favorite author?
John Piper

What's on your iPod?
A little of everything, but I think I really get my jam on with some 80's music. I also listen to a number of Podcasts, to include Ask Pastor John (from Desiring God Ministries), Theocast, 40 minutes in the OT, and 30 minutes in the NT. Spending two hours a day on the road with my day job has given me ample opportunity to hear a number of different perspectives.

What's a favorite trip you've been on?
A few summers ago, we took a 36-day road trip with a tent trailer as we moved from Kansas back to North County San Diego. Throughout the trip, we followed parts of the Oregon/California Trails and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The highlights for us, though, were Glacier National Park and Yellowstone; simply beautiful! We would love to go back to both of those places when the kids are older and are able to do some hiking.

What's your favorite indulgence?
Diet Dr. Pepper

What's a surprising fact about you?
I've been in the Navy for over 19 years, but I've hardly been at sea. Feel free to ask me how I managed that.


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