the Fields: a church without walls


Community Group Questions

Kicking Things Off

Briefly discuss the saying “Pray like everything depends on God. Work like everything depends on you.” Had you heard it before Sunday? What did think about it?


Getting Into It

Read Ezra 7:11-28.

Where did this letter come from? What are some of the things that had to come together for everything to go the way that it did?

Sometimes it is easiest to recognize God’s work in the big or unexplainable things. Why is it important to see Him at work in the mundane, ordinary things of life?

Talk about the contents of the letter. What did it require Ezra to do? What was provided to him for the work?

Read Matthew 28:18-20. What are we (the church) tasked with? What has been provided for us as we step into that work? Does understanding all you been given for the work change the way you see the task? Why or why not?

What was Artaxerxes’ ultimate goal for the letter (see v.23)? What did Artaxerxes misunderstand about the God of Heaven? Look at Hebrew10:1-4, 11-18. What did the Old Testament sacrifices (like the ones Artaxerxes made) do? What did the sacrifice of Jesus do?

We can misunderstand God the same way Artaxerxes did. How might that show up in our lives?

Look again at Ezra 7:27-28. How did Ezra understand about all the circumstances that led to him holding this letter? Why did he attribute them to God, and not something else?

Understanding that God was at work gave Ezra the courage to act. What is it about the sovereignty of God that leads us to action? How should it shape the actions we take? Are there any ways the way you spend your life should shift in light of a sovereign God is working out His redemptive plan for the world?


The Parting Shot

As a group, how can we grow in our ability to recognize God at work?