the Fields: a church without walls


Community Group Questions

Kicking Things Off

Does anyone want to share something they have been learning this past week during their time in the Word with the Lord?


Getting Into It

Some parts of the Bible seem to provoke more questions than answers. Quietly, take a quick glance over 1Corinthians before we dig in.

For review, what is the purpose of the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

According to what we learned last week in Chapter 13, what must undergird everything we do?

What is the big the issue going on in Chapter 14 that Paul is addressing? (note to leaders, it’s not if the “miraculous” gifts are for today or not. It’s that some were taking pride in certain gifts (tongues) over other gifts).

There are many conflicting ideas of what the gift of prophecy actually is. For our purposes, David defined it as, “Speaking the Scriptures or God’s truth to each other as the Holy Spirit leads.” While Paul was not against tongues at all, he clearly is more of an advocate of prophecy. Why?

What are some ways we could practice this gift of prophecy in our context more intentionally?

Why do you think in a chapter that is supposed to promote unity within the church, there has been so much war over the contents of this chapter?

Paul encourages us to desire the gifts of the Spirit. While there have been many clear abuses and misuses of the gifts of the Spirit, many times they have often been neglected. How do we navigate this well?

Why is it so important that the gits be used in an orderly fashion?

In the context of the topic of orderly worship services, Paul seems to just throw in the verses of the conduct of women in the gathering (v. 34-35). While we don’t fully understand exactly what he’s getting at here, in chapter 11 Paul says that both women and men will be praying and prophesying in public gatherings. So, based on that and 2Tim.2:12, how do we attempt to make sense out of this without just explaining it away as a cultural thing?

We can see, just from the spiritual gifts issue and the women’s issue here, people can take sides pretty quickly what was meant for unity can be a place for division. Consider Jesus’ prayer for us in John 17:20-22. How do navigate this well and not let the enemy get a foothold and cause divisions and war within the church?


The Parting Shot

With difficult passages like this, it would be good for us to spend some time praying for our unity and that we would continue to be a grace filled community.


Who Is My Neighbor?

Spend some time sharing and praying for your neighbors.


Caring for One Another book

Read chapter 5, out loud as a group. Talk about what you have read.