the Fields: a church without walls


Community Group Questions

Kicking Things Off

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? What were some of your hopes?

Now that you are an adult, what are some of the things you are currently hoping for now?

What are some of the things the world needs, that it is hoping for? What is your greatest hope for this Christmas?


Getting Into It

At the birth of Jesus, what was going on historically for the Jewish people? What were their fears and hopes?

Read Isaiah 9:1-7. How does Isaiah describe the coming Messiah? How do we see Jesus fulfill these characteristics and titles?

Read Jeremiah 23:1-8. What is the Lord saying through Jeremiah? How is it describing the coming Messiah?

Read Ps 33:18-19, 42:5, 71:5. What are these verses describing of our God?

Read Isaiah 53:2-12. What is this describing and where does it tell us to put our hope?

What are a few reasons that many in Israel missed the first advent of Christ? 

Where are you tempted to put your hope instead of in Jesus?

How do we recognize when our hope is in the wrong place?

What does it matter that we keep our hope in Jesus? How does that impact day to day life?

How does the good news of Jesus our Messiah reorient our hope? How does Jesus offer you hope right now? 


The Parting Shot

Due to the holidays being pretty busy how can we focus on Christ as our hope? In ways as a community can we help each other hope in Christ?


Who Is My Neighbor?

Any stories to share here? Have anyone had the opportunity to share the gospel with someone recently? Who is someone that you want to invite to Christmas Under the Stars?