the Fields: a church without walls


Community Group Questions

Kicking Things Off

Share a time when you attempted to do something and you failed miserably. What happened? Why did you fail?

Getting Into It

Looking back two weeks to Psalm 84, how has it been since then? What’s your time alone with God looked like since then? Were you able to carve out time alone with God? What’s worked? What hasn’t?

Read Psalm 127.

What is the psalmist getting at in verses 1-2?

What is trust? How do you know if you really do trust someone?

What does it look like to really trust God? (see Gen. 22:1-19 and Heb. 12:8-12)

What area of your life do you have the most difficulty in trusting God?

What would help you to grow in this area?

How does Mt. 6:25-30 speak into trusting God for this?

How does 127:1 square up with 2Thes. 3:10-12 and 1Cor.3:5-9? What’s the point here?

A high view of the sovereignty of God does not negate human responsibility. What’s God’s responsibility? What’s our responsibility? How do those two work together?

What do verses 3-5 have to do with this area of trust? Why are they there?

How does this Psalm point us to the gospel?

The Parting Shot

Spend some time in prayer for each other, praying about the areas we are struggling to trust God with.