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photo of Mark and Katherine Glenn

Mark and Katherine Glenn Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia


Mark and Katherine Glenn have been married for 13 years and have three children. Mark grew up in the Highlands area, while Katherine moved there to start high school. Their children attend the local public school and between the five of them, they're involved in many different activities! Mark manages his own architectural practice while Katherine works part-time as a paralegal. 

God made it clear to the Glenns that he wanted them to plant a church in their home area while spending three months being a part of The Fields in Carlsbad, CA. With the blessing of the elders and the church they returned home to plant The Fields Australia.

Spiritual Climate

The Glenns live in an area that is beautiful and well off in many ways. The people of the shire (no there are no hobbits here!) are generally financially stable and educated. The shire is self-sufficient and is a developing area with a number of people moving there each year.

The most interesting thing within a number of cultures and sub-cultures that are present, is that the main attraction is one of community which gives people a sense of belonging and value. Whether it is bridge club at the senior club or the Parents and Citizens association at any of the schools or within any of the sporting clubs, people are searching to form a fellowship in community with one another. Someone they can call if they are in trouble, need help or advice. They can rally together to supply meals or just a relationship based on a mutual passion.
This sense of belonging and attempt of community makes it hard to replace as people see this as their only option for community. The Glenns just want them not only to have this community but even more importantly they want them to know Jesus. With Him, community becomes so much richer and will have so much more meaning. They want the motivation for The Fields to come out of that sense of community and love for Jesus.
Also, generally people are in a comfortable place in live. Because of this, the spiritual climate is one of either not seeing the need for a saviour or an attitude of believing in God but no real understanding or faith in who Jesus is or what he has done.

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Prayer Needs

  • Prayer for wise time management and that God would keep work coming in to provide for the Glenns.
  • Prayer for the people of the Highlands to see the need for Jesus, and that his spirit would go before the Glenns and soften people hearts for what God has for them.
  • Pray for the people that are a part of The Fields here, for strength, continue trust and reliance on God for everything. Also giving praise for them and their love of Jesus.
  • Most of all that a real revival happens, a re-orientation of the people to form an area that is known for their love of Jesus and commitment to him.


 Mark & Katherine Glenn

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